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Recent Articles of Interest

The IRS Scandal Comes into Focus

Smoking gun in plain sight?  Kimberly Strassel outlines the trail of evidence. 


2013 Michigan Corporate Welfare Scorecard has some surprises

Senate scores almost a perfect zero - that's not oneof the surprises


IRS Smoking Guns

Our own Sander Levin is one of the guilty politicians


California's Green Reality Check
Faith-based dreams encounter reality


The Real, Personal Impact

Sundby:I had great insurance and great doctors keeping me alive, and now...


Sebelius on the Run

On transparency and accountability - nowhere to be found


Noonan: The Wisdom of Mr. Republican 
Caution on turning allies into enemies


Noonan: A Bombshell in the IRS Scandal

The scandal gets much worse


ObamaCare Medicaid: Facts, Figures, Background

What you don't know can hurt you


Michigan Legislature Skeptical on Medicaid Expansion

Leaders in senate and house doubt that HHS will agree to Michigan demands 


The IRS Debacle

A collection of news stories and analysis on the IRS targeting of the administrations' "enemies"


Offically a Train Wreck?

Sen Max Baucus and others think so, but are underestimating how bad ObamaCare will really be


Key ObamaCare Program is Already Completely Broke 

With only 30% of projected enrollment, a key program has already spent all the funding


Medicaid Expansion - Michigan Can Do It Better
We have an opportunity to improve services and lower costs compared with the ObamaCare plan

The Sky Is Not Falling

Opinion on the sequestration scare tactics


 ObamaCare's Broken Promises

Every one of the main claims made for the law is turning out to be false.


 CBO Projects Growing Deficits 
Conservative CBO estimate places deficit at 77% of GDP by 2023 - even with tax increases


Nation's Highest Gas Tax Headed for Michigan?

Our roads need improved, but spending reductions elsewhere should precede tax hikes


Reasons to Question ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion in Michigan
A big "trust me" from DC that delays real improvements 


See how your Michigan legislator ranks on the Michigan Tea Party Scorecard



Birds of a Feather?

Use the IRS to get enemies? Who, me?  See what the facts say...

Mike Bishop and Tom McMillin - the two 8th District Congressional candidates in the Auguest 5 Republican primary have voting records in the Michigan legislature that allowed us to compare them - directly, on the same bills - and the difference is significant. See who measures up on our Watching Michigan scorecard.

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